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Royal TSL (Linux)

Hi Felix and team! I was wondering if you guys have ever tossed around the idea of a full fledged Linux version of the Royal Applications suite. I love this product so much on macOS that I would love to see it on my Ubuntu Desktop at home. :)

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We don't have any plans to port Royal TS/X to Linux. Please also see the following KB article:

Royal TS works on android, so why it's not working at linux ?

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I'd happily pay for a Linux version of Royal TS/X - it's a great product that offers significant advantages over the freeware offerings on the Linux platform. 

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Please remember that there are customers like me who's main use of Royal TS is administering Linux systems via SSH and Proxmox web GUI.

I'd really like to see a Royal TS client that can run on Linux, I'd happily pay for a copy just like Windows and Mac.

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Also I'd be happy if a Linux version just supported the core basics eg:




File Transfer

Add those 4 things and I suspect the majority of users would be happy.

Plus 1 here also.  I am an Implementation Practice Lead and I deliver Infrastructure solutions.  There is no telling what type of guest/client my customers will give me.  If this app worked in Linux, then I could stop hassling with Windows all together.  I understand that there are some constraints, especially around the browser and shell integration.  That said there are so many third party software bundles, that there should be no problem matching most of the plugins for MacOS.

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A workaround is just to install RoyalTS on a Windows 10 VM and RDP into it.

The performance I'm seeing over LAN is so good I can't even tell its not running locally.

sudo apt-get install freerdp

/usr/bin/xfreerdp /u:USERNAME /p:"PASSWORD" /f /compression-level:0 +offscreen-cache +bitmap-cache +auto-reconnect /bpp:32 /codec-cache:rfx /smart-sizing /scale:180 /scale-desktop:250 /v:

I did try other Linux RDP solutions but free RDP with that launch code has been working flawlessly for me.

Note that scale and scale-desktop settings that adjusts it for Hi DPI, read the freerdp man page for values.

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I've hit non-trivial keyboard mapping issues when I RDP within an RDP (or VNC) session. It's not a completely satisfactory workaround.

Are you using the xfreerdp options I specified above?

I've been happily on Kubuntu for over 2 weeks now and have a permanent RDP open on one screen, I'm not seeing any issues with keyboard functionality using RDP within RDP.

Yep. My Royal TS is Mac-Based though, not Windows. I don't have a Windows workstation. 

I'm pretty sure the RoyalTS Mac RDP plugin uses FreeRDP.

Perhaps there could be some same keyboard shortcuts interfering?

Anyway I can confirm that its working well for me via RDP on a Windows 10 VM that runs on my rack server.

+1 for linux !


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+1 for Royal TSL!

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I've almost got it working on KUbuntu using Crossover Linux.

If anyone has any idea what might be missing please let me know.

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