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Allow swapping of Alt and Command keys for Remote Desktop sessions


It would be great if you could add the option to swap the Alt and Command keys for RDP sessions. Before macOS Sierra I used Karabiner to do this, but it is not optimal since it also changes the shortcuts in the entire application, including i.e. property windows which it is a constant source of errors (since e.g. copy and paste becomes Alt+C and Alt+V). It would be great if it would be a native option in RoyalTSX, applied just inside the RDP sessions.



I second this completely. I just moved away from VMware in favor of hosting VM's on our server infrastructure and remoting in. The RDP software managed by Microsoft on Macs is terrible. Royals seems amazing, but the lack of key swapping makes all the shortcuts in Windows a major headache.

The first beta version that supports remapping modifier keys is now out.
Get it here as usual:

Feedback is very welcome!

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Awesome! Thanks for the tips. The last headache for me is I can't use all 3 of my monitors because of my retina display on my Macbook. Is there some way i can make my Macbook behave like a normal monitor so I can use all 3 displays for my Royal Remote Desktop connections?

@Kevin: You can use something like Display Menu or SwitchResX to select a non-Retina resolution for your Retina display.

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