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Web Pages over Secure Gateway

Possibility to open / use web pages over the Secure Gateway connections.

So that you don't need to make a VPN for viewing a webpage / management page of a device on a client / other location.

With the Secure Gateway that would be awesome that's not an option now: 

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Done ;) 

@Kay: Would you mind posting a separate feature request for that?

I just looked into what would be required to set this up but it's not trivial unfortunately.

I know that one thanks ;) Just wanting to let you know, that its not working before the tunnel indeed. Maybe you can get it to work to temporally build the tunnel to fetch the jQuery selectors.

@Kay: We currently only open the tunnel when the connection is actually established. So you will have to manually find out which jQuery selectors are required to access the fields.

Please see the "Tips and Tricks" section of the following KB article for instructions:


Autofill does not see the fields to use when using a Secure Gateway.

Don't know if its possible to do that.

Ah ok ;) Now i get the point.

We have it without the VPN we manage all routers (Ubiquiti Edgerouters) and do SSH to that.

So that's really easy for us.

@Kay: simple.... your usage of this is to bypass VPN access (if it is possible to ssh into sever from public)

But my usage of this (tunneling/secure gw) is under active VPN connection. We use in our environments jumpservers (ssh machines). It is functionaly same as in your scenario, but i have only access to server through VPN and jumpserver. After this jumpserver are accessible other servers. With this I can manage many of admin web pages without making this tunnels manualy.

@josef what do you mean with "Under VPN's"?

@Feix: Many thanks Felix. It works as expected. Now you save me so much time with royaltsx and this extension... SSH Tunneling is my most used action when is going to administration of many hardware things (as mentioned Kay).

@Kay: I need it too under VPNs... you know it, you have only jumpserver accessible (behind this jumserver is everything)

Very Good Work

@Kay: Perfect! Please let me know if you run into any issues!

@felix: I know, but this is a first step ofcourse.

Now I can manage routers, Switches, Printers etc. without the need of a VPN.

Well done!!

@Kay: Like previously mentioned, Chrome is off limits at the moment. Rest assured that if a new framework or library for Chrome integration on the Mac comes around, I'll be the first to give it a shot. ;)

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Just amazing!

Works perfect!

If we can now get this also to work with a Chrome Engine than its 100% the best solution!

@Kay: We've just released an update for the WebKit plugin which should fix the https + Secure Gateway issue.

Please let me know if it works for you!



Wow just Wow!

This is Awesome!

It works only for http now.

I was trying to access a Router and switch.

Could reach the Switch (http) but not the Router https (Self Signed) 

But at least its a start.

Maybe there is a way to figure out the certificate warnings?

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