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Add support for reordering documents (Drag and Drop)


Add the possibility to re-order documents.

As you can see now 1Password is on top of ICTWebSolution we would like to have it on the bottom.

Drag and Drop does not work with Documents only in Documents


Hi Kay,

documents are sorted alphabetically at the moment and there's no way to change that.

Right now I don't think the added complexity of allowing documents to be re-ordered is worth the effort but of course if more people would like to see this in a future update we'll re-evaluate our options.



Ok, understandable.

Would still be a nice feature in the menu or so (maybe without drag and drop)

So that you have a option under view or what ever (Re-order documents)

Than its there but not on the foreground.

Drag and drop is not the complex part. The problem here is how do we store the position information and what do we do when the user opens/closes documents. Also this must be combined somehow with the existing sorting. And if you for instance delete a document from the file system and never use it again we still would have the position information stored in our database, making it larger with each newly opened/created document.

So to sum up, there are a lot of details that need to be considered to make this usable.

I understand ;) Good Thinking. Let's see what others think ;) 

I'd like to add my voice to this. I think many other software packages allow users to sort a list into their preferred order, so not being able to do this here really sticks out as something that's missing.

I'm using the latest release of Royal TS on Windows, and I don't see that the organization is alphabetic. Instead, the order in which the documents are opened is preserved, and theres no way to rearrange without closing everything and then re-opened in the order you want documents displayed.

This is really poor GUI design in this day and age, if you want my opinion. When you have split up your connections across many documents, it's really important that the more important ones you use most appear at the top, and this is rarely alphabetical order.

I read through your points on why this is harder than it seems, and I really don't find them very valid. You're overthinking the solution, let's not make the perfect the enemy of the good here. The following design should be VERY simple to implement, would solve my use-case, and I think would be fine with just about everyone. Let's not get caught up in edge cases, but I'll note them.

1. Allow drag and drop to adjust the order of open documents.

2. Record this order, in the registry on Windows, or a PLIST type structure on a Mac.

3. Update the display order every time the user moves a document up or down. Update the order to remove any documents which are closed - just forget them. Whenever a document, even a previously opened one, is opened, add it to the bottom. if the user wants it in a different place, it's not that hard, and really to be expected, that they will just drag it up to where they want it. When they do that, remember.

4. As long as Royal TS is open, you have the order in memory, and you've preserved its current state on disk.

5. When Royal TS is closed and re-opened, there's a list of documents which it had opened before, and just as today, you should try to find them and open them if they exist, and put them back into the same order as before. If all files are present, all are opened, and the order is the same as what the user last arranged - this is what's going to happen 98% of the time!

6. If a document is missing on a re-open, you remove it from the list order. If the user adds it back, it goes at the bottom and the user needs to re-arrange to put it back. NO ONE will complain, given that we just want order preserved when we are NOT adding and deleting documents.

So, I don't understand why this is hard. Solving the problem in a way that makes 95% of your customers happy 95% of the time is simple - under a week's work, probably a day's work. Don't over-complicate this - this request is THREE YEARS OLD, and you've done nothing to improve this aspect of the software due to worrying about things that no one is going to notice if you just (a) remove any document which is closed from the ordered list, and (b) any new documents opened are added to the bottom. When there's a stable set of documents, the order is preserved. Most people would find this a great improvement.

I also think you should have a context menu pop-up in that list, which toggles "user-specified order" vs "alphabetical order" - users should be able to switch back and forth. If I switch to alpha, then back, you should not forget my prior user-sorting, just save it until I try to use it again. If files were opened or closed while in alpha-sorting mode, just treat the files which are there same as a re-open, any existing go back in their place, any missing are removed, any new are added to the bottom, save the ordered list again. Simple.

Now, if you're paying attention, what I'm suggesting is exactly like most file browsers which have a user-sorted order feature. They do not try to save the order of a file which is deleted, as soon as it's gone, it's gone. They put any new files at the bottom, in the order in which they are created, unless there's a user-action to change the sort.

Please consider this request. I really think it would be an improvement. I don't like that I have to pre-plan the order in which I want my documents to appear in order to make that happen, nor that if I do forget one, or want to insert a document near the top as that client's project has become more important this week, my only way to do this is to close all documents, then re-open them in the order I want. Seriously man, that's just LAME. Your arguments above come across as excuses, not valid reasons. Other software does this right, I think you can do this right too, with trivial effort.

+1 on this... I just came to the forum to add this as an idea, but searched first and saw it.  I use a bunch of documents store on Royal Server and open/load them in a specific order based on a few factors.  It's pretty painful when you have to re-open all your documents (can happen for a variety of reasons) and have to spend time opening in that order.  Additionally, it would help when adding a new document and you want it in a specific place in the list.  Again, the only option is to close all of them, then open in the order that you wish to have.

I'll create another post for this, but in addition to re-ordering, I'd love to have a feature to load 'document sets' -- that is a group of documents that have been arranged and saved in the order that you wish.  When I do need to re-open all my documents from Royal Server having the ability to just open one 'document set' which then automatically loads all of the individual documents in the correct order would be amazing and a huge time saver. 

Thank you for the consideration!

Just signed up to get them an +1 
Unbelievable sorting documents only works when close all and open in the preferred order...

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