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Add support for reordering documents (Drag and Drop)


Add the possibility to re-order documents.

As you can see now 1Password is on top of ICTWebSolution we would like to have it on the bottom.

Drag and Drop does not work with Documents only in Documents


Hi Kay,

documents are sorted alphabetically at the moment and there's no way to change that.

Right now I don't think the added complexity of allowing documents to be re-ordered is worth the effort but of course if more people would like to see this in a future update we'll re-evaluate our options.



Ok, understandable.

Would still be a nice feature in the menu or so (maybe without drag and drop)

So that you have a option under view or what ever (Re-order documents)

Than its there but not on the foreground.

Drag and drop is not the complex part. The problem here is how do we store the position information and what do we do when the user opens/closes documents. Also this must be combined somehow with the existing sorting. And if you for instance delete a document from the file system and never use it again we still would have the position information stored in our database, making it larger with each newly opened/created document.

So to sum up, there are a lot of details that need to be considered to make this usable.

I understand ;) Good Thinking. Let's see what others think ;) 

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