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iLO (HP Remote Management)

Would be nice to have a kind of iLO plugin for HP (HP Integrated Lights Out Add-on) Has it in there Add-Ons

Also with this option it would be great to have to possibility to connect over a Gateway (Like SSH Tunnel)

So that you do not need to connect with a VPN to Access the iLO Remote Console.

Also the new versions of iLO have HTML5 Console Access Maybe that's easier the implement as a first step.

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This would be awesome and I would love to also be able to control my Supermicro servers via IPMI.

that is exactly i was looking at. 

You can do this using the following method:

Download the standalone ILO console from HP (

Connection Type: External Application
Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\HPE iLO Integrated Remote Console\HPLOCONS.exe" or wherever you have installed the application.
Arguments: -addr ILOAddress:ILOPort -name ILOLoginID -password ILOPassword (example -addr -name myILOAdmin -password myILOPassword)

This is how I have it working.


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I'm trying to get this done as well but I don't seem to be able to pass the $URI$ connection as an Argument, it always display as blank. I can setup username and password in the custom fields but I need the $URI$ to work - any suggestions?

Try to change Engine: from Modern to Legacy. 

Where do I do that? from a quick search this can be done for web pages, but this is a standalone external application

GO to Properties for any system profile and you will see under webpage connection settings Page.

I cant find this setting but I dont understand how this is related to the external application if this is something that affects web pages rendering only.

apologies about bringing up an old thread, this thread is under MacOS. The solution offered is for a PC, not a Mac. Is there a way to do this yet on a Mac? I am unable to determine the correct 'Autofill' pieces to auto-login to the sites. Can someone please provide guidance here? Thanks!


Hi Jeremy,

please see the following KB article for a deep dive into the auto fill feature and advanced usage scenarios:



I use same solution as Marco Tavares.

When moving to a new server and reinstalling newer iLO Integrated Remote Console (v.1.3.3) and RoyalTS v5 version -  iLO stopped working. It came down to a longer log on time for iLO Remote Console, so:

I needed to set Max Wait Time in Process Tracking to 30 seconds (in stead of default 10 seconds)

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