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Royal TSL (Linux)

Hi Felix and team! I was wondering if you guys have ever tossed around the idea of a full fledged Linux version of the Royal Applications suite. I love this product so much on macOS that I would love to see it on my Ubuntu Desktop at home. :)

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Hello, need a way to do it without VM, please help.

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+1 For a Linux Version. Even if it only covers basics like SSH Browser RDP and File Transfer.

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+1 will be fantastic!

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Perhaps RoyalTS should look at something like this?

Pay to have a reduced functionality port of the Windows program run on Linux with the core basics people in this thread have been asking for.

+1, I too mostly administer Linux systems via RoyalTS, I only use windows at work because i have to

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+1, linux please

I am posting requesting this again.  Right now I am using Remminia which flat out just does not compare.  I'd take a limited feature port and pay for it at this point.  Other software vendors are charging so this is not out of the question, and with modern development tools the port has to be minimum.  Just do debian and rpm and there all the major distros are covered.


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Hi Team,

Can we please get a version of Royal TS for Linux in 2021?

Royal TS is the ONLY app I have that requires Windows (and that I have to run a dedicated virtual machine just to use).

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+1 for a Linux version. I use KRDC on Linux and it doesn't even compare to RoyalTS. Its one of the only programs on Windows I really wish I had for my main Linux machine. I paid for that version, and would gladly pay a second time for a separate Linux version. Please make this a reality!

+1 for Linux version. Getting tired of Windows not being what it's supposed to be, and Mac not being an option at all.

It works. 6 in wine. But!

it works too sloiwly, and RDP doesn't work. royal ts install remote client is not supported ) any ideas ?

I've got it running at xubuntu 20.04


but RDP doesn't work - 

"royal ts install remote client is not supported"

and it's terrible slow.. can we do something ?

Are the latest updates working better over wine?

Now that key sequence tasks won’t ever be working on Windows 11, Linux would be an ideal alternative…
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