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Royal TS 5.1 under Wine (Ubuntu 19)

Just FYI for others trying the same thing. The 5.1 version does not seem to run under Wine (4.0.3). Running the `msiexec` against the installer seems to work, but once installed, running the `RoyalTS.exe` generates an error message. See attached picture.

I'm not expecting a solution since Linux is specifically not supported. I purchased a new copy of Royal TS 5.1 as one of my enterprise clients relies on it and I want to use the same software. They use it to access the various online servers on DigitalOcean, AWS, etc; all of which run Ubuntu.

For me, it is not a big deal. I have a licensed copy of Win10 I run in a VirtualBox container; so I will install it there. It makes Royal TS kind of a pain to run, but life goes on.

I do find it odd that a software product aimed at server admins who often connect to Linux machines is, itself, not available in Linux. If this were a game or something, I'd understand: but the target audience is admins...

Just FYI: running Pop_OS 19.10 (an Ubuntu variant) that ships on the System76 laptop I use.

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Hi John,

did you submit the crash report? I can check to see why the crash happens and maybe there's a solution for this.

Regarding a linux version, please check this KB:

In short: "porting" Royal TS/X to Linux is a huge effort and a lot of the technologies we are using on Windows and Mac must be ported or rewritten. We do not have the resources to do this.


I was not able to due to an error that followed when I tried. See attached error pic.

I've attached the error file if that helps.

I certainly understand having limited resources.

(2.07 KB)

Hi John,

the crash seems to originate from a WMI call to read out the OS info. The latest (5.2) release should handle this exception and Royal TS shouldn't crash because of that. Can you check?



John Dupuy, what other software did you install into the container?

I can start Royal TS 5.2, I get an error during launch which I click ignore and then I can see the main screen.

The software does appear to work, I can go into options, create connections etc...

I'm using KUbuntu 19.10 with Crossover Linux 19.0.1.

I installed into a 32bit Win 7 container with: C++ 2015 and .NET Framework 4.7.2.

What other software did you install in the container? I think I'm extremely close to having a Royal TS running with Crossover but suspect I'm missing some component.

Screenshot attached, notice the problem with icons:

I've got it running at xubuntu 20.04


but RDP doesn't work - 

"royal ts install remote client is not supported"

and it's terrible slow.. can we do something ?

For me the 6.01.50722.0 Version sadly doesn't start anymore with wine..

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