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Royal TS 5.1 under Wine (Ubuntu 19)

Just FYI for others trying the same thing. The 5.1 version does not seem to run under Wine (4.0.3). Running the `msiexec` against the installer seems to work, but once installed, running the `RoyalTS.exe` generates an error message. See attached picture.

I'm not expecting a solution since Linux is specifically not supported. I purchased a new copy of Royal TS 5.1 as one of my enterprise clients relies on it and I want to use the same software. They use it to access the various online servers on DigitalOcean, AWS, etc; all of which run Ubuntu.

For me, it is not a big deal. I have a licensed copy of Win10 I run in a VirtualBox container; so I will install it there. It makes Royal TS kind of a pain to run, but life goes on.

I do find it odd that a software product aimed at server admins who often connect to Linux machines is, itself, not available in Linux. If this were a game or something, I'd understand: but the target audience is admins...

Just FYI: running Pop_OS 19.10 (an Ubuntu variant) that ships on the System76 laptop I use.

Hi John,

did you submit the crash report? I can check to see why the crash happens and maybe there's a solution for this.

Regarding a linux version, please check this KB:

In short: "porting" Royal TS/X to Linux is a huge effort and a lot of the technologies we are using on Windows and Mac must be ported or rewritten. We do not have the resources to do this.


I was not able to due to an error that followed when I tried. See attached error pic.

I've attached the error file if that helps.

I certainly understand having limited resources.

(2.07 KB)
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