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Use Cmd button instead of CTRL for shortcut


Is it possible to add option to use Cmd button for shortcut key in RDP session.  Like CMD+C, CMD+V...

Not CTRL+...

All MAC app use CMD button and i always made de mistakes


Hi there,

I'm happy to report that Royal TSX 4.0 has been released and includes this feature.

For more information about the major new features of Royal TSX 4.0, please head over to our major upgrade landing page.



The first public beta is available now but iTerm keyboard mapping customization is not yet supported.

You can get the beta here:

Hi Felix,

this sounds great. Do you have any roadmap or timeline for the new major release?



Hi Dan,

while we're not planning to add the exact feature you're suggesting, we plan to allow full keyboard shortcut customization in the next major release of Royal TSX. This should allow you to remap your shortcuts the way you want.



This is a great feature, but can we get it for SSH/Telnet sessions? 

For instance, on a Windows machine, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+Z are Copy, Cut, Undo, etc.  In an SSH session using TN3270 or VT100 (or whatever) Ctrl+B, Ctrl+F is Back and Forward, etc. 


I believe (but I’m not 100% sure) this is because (for example) Ctrl+B is sending ASCII 0x02 and Ctrl+F is sending ASCII 0x06. There are about a half-dozen Ctrl modifiers that I use when working with Cisco routers and Linux servers.


Now, on macOS we have CMD+C, CMD+X, CMD+Z, which are Copy, Cut, Undo, etc. So, you would imagine CMD+B, CMD+F would be Back, Forward, etc., in an SSH terminal


Nope. You have to use Ctrl+B, Ctrl+F, etc., which screws up all my muscle memory over the last twenty years.


Similar to the RDP feature, can we get an SSH/Telnet feature called “Remap macOS keyboard shortcuts to their Terminal equivalent”. It should essentially just reverse the CMD and the Ctrl key functions for the terminal session.


I’m an old-time Windows user switching to macOS.  This feature would be super helpful.  Thanks!

@Sascha: Unfortunately this is not supported at the moment when modifier keys are remapped.

Is it possible to pass all remapped CMD key presses like CMD+N, CMD+W or CMD+Q to the RDP-Desktop?

In my case I've changed CTRL →  CMD and CMD → CTRL, that means when I press locally CMD+X it will send to the remote-desktop CTRL+X (cut to clipboard) and if I press locally CTRL+E it will send CMD+E (opens explorer) to the remote-desktop.

Currently CMD+W dosn't get passed to the remote-desktop and closes currently the active session/window. CMD+N doesn't get passed, too. Instead of sending CTRL+N to remote-desktop it sends to Royal TS "New Document" shortcut.

There should be a way to pass all CMD actions to an remote-desktop when the remote-desktop is currently in-use/focus.

Hi Matt,

you can find this under "Preferences - Connection Types - Remote Desktop - Plugin Settings".



Flex, where is that option?



The first beta version that supports remapping modifier keys is now out.
Get it here as usual:

The next version will allow you to remap modifier keys in "Preferences - Connection Types - Remote Desktop - Plugin Settings".

Once the next version is available, please let me know if this works for you!



 "Windows Keys Passthrough" and "Remap macOS keyboard shortcuts to their Windows equivalent"  are enabled. Yes, I have changed my modifier keys:


Hi Matt,

do you have "Windows Keys Passthrough" and "Remap macOS keyboard shortcuts to their Windows equivalent" enabled in the "Input" settings of your RDP connection?

Also, are your modifier keys in "System Preferences - Keyboard - Modifier Keys..." configured as default or did your remap them?



Same problem here. Trying to use copy and paste (CMD+C, CMD-V) and doesn't work. When I hit the CMD key, it thinks I'm hitting the Windows key and brings up the start menu.


which keyboard shortcuts have you tried?



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