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feature request - horizontal slider bar for left navigation pane

the attached image shows the obvious need why, if i can scroll right to see the connection title more, not just ... using my track pad, it would be really helpful.

thank you



(218 KB)

Hi Neal,

are you aware that you can resize the navigation panel/sidebar?

Also, in case you don't want it to constantly take up so much space, you can put it into autohidden mode by enabling "View - Autohide Navigation Panel".

Does that help?



Hi Neal,

I'm sorry we didn't get back to you earlier about this idea.

The reason we didn't implement this is that we think it wouldn't be a good experience. If you have two scrollbars, you'd be constantly "fighting" with the direction you want to scroll in. It also isn't very Mac-like to have horizontally scrolling sidebars. In fact, I have not found a single app on my Mac that features a horizontally scrollable sidebar.

Do you have any examples of Mac apps that successfully include a horizontally scrollable sidebar? Please don't include any web/Electron apps as those don't follow the native macOS design and behavior.