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Allow to rename terminal tabs


I often move around from server to server in my terminal windows, but the tab name is always based on the server name I initially connected to.

It would be great if the tab name would be either the hostname of the server I'm currently connected to or if I could rename the tab by right clicking on it.

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It would be great to right click and rename


I'd second, or third, or fourth this idea. I have a dedicated jump box I have to connect to. I often duplicate the tab so I have multiple connections. It would be hugely helpful if I could rename them.

As it is I have

Jump Box | Jump Box (Ad Hoc) | Jump Box (Ad Hoc)

Which isn't very meaningful for seeing which tab is which.

If I could rename on the fly to something like 

Jump Box (labs) | Jump Box (production)

or even better perhaps

Labs | Production



I was hoping this was going to come in V6, but I just installed V6 and don't see it. I also didn't see it in the release notes. This subject was also brought up in another topic,

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