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Make tab titles configurable

I've seen multiple requests over the years come through asking to allow tab titles to be changed. Every time this is requested I see the response that you don't want tab title lengths to get out of hand. Why can't they just be configured using the integrated replacement tokens? Example.

Default install of RoyalTS

File -> Options -> User Interface -> Tabs

Custom Tab Name = $Name$

This Tab Title could be editable using replacement tokens. Then anyone could configure their tabs however they want. For example, I'd prefer something like this based on how our connections are configured

Custom Tab Name = $CustomField2$ - $Name$

I attached a mock-up

Tab Names.png
(33.8 KB)

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Hi Ryan,

I really like this approach and it seems to be quite easy to implement. Will put this on the V5 list.

Thanks for the feedback!


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Thanks Stefan!

@Stefan - I couldn't find it anywhere. Have you managed to implement this or similar solution?

Hi Jakub,

I'm sorry, this feature didn't make it into V5 but it's still on our todo list for V6.



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