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[Request] Ability to use one private key credential entry for multiple other credentials


I found a very similar "issue" to this but I want to make it a proper feature request :)

The other one is here:

My feature wish: Use one private key credential entry for multiple other credentials, similar to what the "username/password" option allows you to choose as of now.

My use-case: I have multiple Linux servers both at home and external, each with a different password (and occasionally username). However I'm using the same private key for all of them. Due to me switching between quite a bunch of devices I can't just safe my private key on one location and then just use the path, I don't have my NAS mounted on all of them as example (plus I want to be a tiny bit more secure in this regard and only save my private key in an encrypted folder).

My problem: Having the same private key embedded into 30 different credential objects is a bit annoying to update, especially now that I'm moving from a soon deprecated key format to a newer, way more secure one.

Would be cool if this would be updated to behave the same as the username/password where you can already choose a different credential to be used for a connection! Just for the key itself this time :)

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Stefan,

that is actually already possible. All you need to do is create a new credential object and embed the private key in that credential object. Once you have done that, you can use our bulk edit feature to associate that credential with multiple connection objects. You can find out how to use the bulk edit feature here:

I suggest using the "Use an existing credential" setting. That way the GUID of the one credential is mapped to all the connections rather than the private key being embedded to all the different connections:

I hope this helps!

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