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Add mfa support to secure gateways

Hi, I am glad that royal tsx support mfa now. It is working seamlessly. But I am not able to setup mfa prompt for secure gateway for some reason. There is very high chance where mfa for example yubikey is required to connect to jump host or secure gateway. Adding this feature will help in lot of ways.

Hi there,

sorry for the delay. This should work.

What happens in your case?



Hi,I also need the MFA support. My TSX for Mac always doesn't prompt the MAF code input for me. I had try much but resulted me upset. Please teach me how to config MFA for security gateway that I could enjoy the integration MFA conrrectly! Best thanks! The following is what I had seen when config MFA but have no prompt when I use terminal


Hi 阿梨,

when you create a new credential object within Royal TSX, we have a section for MFA, which you can configure as shown here and in your screenshot:

This can be used for (RDP) connections, where, in order to login, an MFA code is required in either the username or the password

In the configuration of my screenshot, the {Value} would include the property "EffectiveUsername", which was defined within the Credentials section.

When you now establish the connection, you will be prompted to enter the MFA code from your Authentication app, and this value will then be inserted in the {MfaCode} field.

Afterwards, this credential can then be assigned to a connection/Secure Gateway:

In case this is not what you were looking for, or you need further assistance, please create a new Support-Ticket via the following link, and we'll be happy to help:

Best regards,


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