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Ssh port tunnelling connection type


currently evaluating Royal TSX as a replacement for MobaXterm. Great app so far. I like it.

A feature I miss is "Ssh port forwarding" with reconnect and autostart. Moba has a dedicated feature for that.

I know, I can configure SSH Local and Remote tunnelling for a terminal connection,  but this means to have a bunch of "always open" connection.

I suggest a special connection type "SSH port forwarding" (ssh -N)

- Visible in the "Active tunnels Tab"

- Optional: Autostart the connection with the document

- Optional: Auto reconnect the tunnel after connection drop/wake up from sleep. 

- Optional: Background mode with menu bar status.

Maybe extend the secure gate connection to support this?

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This feature is a must.

Most of my servers don't have a NAT IP and I connect to that servers through another server with a NAT IP address.

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