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Royal TSX(and others) - Personalise multiple connections at the same time


I came here with a feature request.

I have an old document with over 200 ssh connections saved. The are well named, well organised, but I would like that some of them would have a different background color in oder to easily differentiate them, and prevent typing the command in the wrong window.

This is very useful when working on Virtualisation clusters like me... if I shut down the wrong hypervisor it's baaaad.

So let's say I have the following connection:










I would like to select CTRL+Click like, or SHIFT+Click all my controller VMs and then Right-Click -> Properties ->Colors -> and some other 30 Clicks here in this menu, which will apply to all my selected connections.

Also searching by a key work like "controller-vm" and select all the results with CTRL+A or SHIFT+Click would be very nice.

I tried to make a script which automatically edit the XML document but it's just too much work to create a good script.

Of course it would be nice if we can change other options on bulk selections, like Credentials for all Controller-VMs, etc.

Great work until now :)

Thank you,


Well, I have looked after, and I noticed that there is a way.. it is just not so intuitive like I initially expected but is good.

The solution is here:

Though there still is a thing that can be improved. On Windows I see that you can select the "Connection" folder and see all the connections even from subfolders, which in TSX i can't do it.

That would allow me to really "bulk them all" instead of navigating through all folders in Connections.

Thank you,



just to clarify. Are you using Royal TS for Windows or Royal TSX for macOS? You posted in the Windows forum but refer to TSX all the time...



TSX for Mac... I posted in the wrong place. Sorry



No worries. I moved it to the right forum.

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to show objects from subfolders in the folder dashboard, click the drop down button in the "Filter" search field and activate "Show objects from subfolders".

Hope that helps!



oh well, the search box is a filter box... sometimes the apps on Mac are trying too hard to be intuitive... That filter box looks like a search box and that fooled me to ignore it.

Thank you, I have learned something today.

Have a nice day,


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