Here's a short video tutorial on how to use the Folder Dashboard and Bulk-Edit in Royal TSX:

Showing objects from subfolders

By default, the folder dashboard only shows objects that are immediate children of the selected folder. If you need to also work with objects in subfolders, enable the setting "Show objects from subfolders" in the context menu of the "Filter" field.

Textual Tutorial:

In this example, we will enable "Console/Admin Session" on multiple Remote Desktop connections

using a folder, the dashboard, and the bulk-edit feature.

First, in the Navigation bar, select the folder where the objects you want to edit are:

Once you have done that, then switch to the Dashboard by clicking on the Overview tab's icon:

In the Dashboard, hold command or shift to select multiple objects; then right-click on the selected object and go to the properties:

Please note: Once you are in the bulk-edit mode, you have to specify which setting it is that you wish to overwrite.

You can do this by using the "Override" button in the top right:

Once you have done that, then you can select the setting that you want to change; in this case, we are going to select "Console/Admin Session":

Once you have done that, then make the change that you want. We are going to enable the "Console/Admin Session" setting:

Then select "Apply and close", which will apply the changes to all the selected objects.