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copy and paste files between macos and Windows

I know that the open source and free RDP protocol is currently used, but for a large number of Windows system remote desktop logins, the most painful is the problem of copying and pasting files between Mac and Windows.

The only solution at present is to map a folder to the Windows system of the remote desktop every time the remote desktop is executed.

It is most convenient to paste and copy directly.

This is my suggestion for the product, I hope it will be adopted

Yes, I agree, this is the biggest problem I have with the Royal TSX. I hope it will be solved in the next few days, because it is very limiting for me in my work and using files redirection through disks is unusable. 

Felix, this comes up now and then. I recall a comment from you on a FreeRDP issue saying that FUSE wasn't an option for TSX. Is that due to licensing problems?

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to follow up and let you know that we have implemented clipboard copy & pasting of files via RDP. Currently, this feature is only available in the latest beta version which can be downloaded from here:

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Kind regards,
Germar Tischler

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Host to client and client to host both working for me. Only tried single files so far. (But even if single files work, that's enough... I can zip/unzip multiple if needed.)

Client to client doesn't work directly, but still I can do one hop to host and onto the target client. Excellent work.

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Hey guys was wondering, how it worked for you?

Got the problem if I copy a file on my local mac machine and paste it on my remote server it gives me the sound that nothing has been copied.

Can use royal ts only if that works for me :(

This is still not working for me. V6.0.2 to windows servers using FreeRDP v6.0.5

No copy paste, either host -> client or cliente-> host. 

Folder redirect works.. but not being able to copy simple text is a burden...

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