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Provide users with an option for suppressing hotkey warning

When using hotkey which includes "Shift", "Ctrl", "Option" and "Command" to execute key sqeuence task, you will get a warning:


I think the warning is unnecessary. Or at least we users should have an option to decide whether to disable this warning. 

I hope you will consider my suggestion! Looking forward to seeing the feature at Royal TSX 4.3.1!

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Hi Tan,

the warning exists for a reason: In some cases, the modifier key state of your keyboard can alter the output of a key sequence task.

For instance, if you have a key sequence task that's supposed to print the letter "a" and you hold the shift key during its execution, you will get "A" printed on screen instead.

In most cases, this is only relevant for key sequence tasks that have their "Execution Mode" set to "Always use Keyboard Input Simulation". If your key sequence task is configured to "Use Direct Mode when supported" and the connection type you're executing the task against supports that mode, there should be no such issues. We can't however guarantee it in all cases, hence the warning.

So we're definitely not getting rid of the warning per default but I admit it would make sense to let users suppress it. I'm hesitant to making this a global option though and think it should be a an option stored in the key sequence task object, just like the "No confirmation required" setting.

What do you think?



Thank you for your reply! 

I can’t agree more! An option stored in the key sequence task object can satisfy the needs of every kind of user.

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