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Fuzzy search for device names

Sublime text allows users to search for file names by matching characters that are sequential but not necessarily adjacent. This feature is extremely helpful when you know the beginning and the end of a file name but not the middle. for example: lv-rack1-switch01 lv-rack2-switch-02 lv-rack3-router01 ny-rack1-switch01 The search term "lvsw" would match all switches in lv but not the router, and on a long enough list of devices it would be more useful than searching for "lv" or "switch".


I'm happy to report that this has been implemented in the current Royal TSX beta (

You'll find the option in the context menu of the "Search" field. It's called "Perform Fuzzy Searches".

You can get the current beta here:

Please let me know if it works as expected!



This is very exciting. I tested it and it works as expected. Thank you for implementing this!

Perfect! Glad to hear everything's working as expected. Cheers, Felix
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