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Feature Request: Ability to colorize -existing- connection tabs on the fly

iterm2 has the ability to colorize existing connection tabs on the fly.  This feature is very handy when you have MANY MANY connections open, like when troubleshooting a complicated production issue.  "RED tab DANGER", "GREEN tab safe", etc...

TSX can already colorize tabs, but it is on a per-connection or per-folder basis.

I believe this feature request has value by giving the engineer a quick means to visually "tag" a connection as they work.

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Hey Michael,

just wanted to let you know that we implemented on-demand color changing for tabs pretty much the same way it works in iTerm2 at the moment.

This will be part of the next minor release.



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Hi Michael,

I definitely like the idea and we'll see if we can add this in a future minor or major update.

In the meantime, Royal TSX 4.1.1 has been released yesterday and now supports applying color changes instantly to open tabs. So if you have a connection open and go to "Tab - Properties", change the color of the connection and apply the changes, the tab color will change too.

Hope that's suitable workaround until we have implemented on-demand tab colors.



i am running RoyalTSX 4.1.1, but i could not see options to chang the tab of the color at all. I have been playing around for couple of hours, but no luck. If this featue is already availablea and i couldn't find it, then its definetely not straight forward or intuitive.
i went to 'Tab --> Properties' and also right click the tab and properties, went to colors, but i could not setup tab color at all...

Hi Nand,

to change the color of an object and its tab color, open the properties of the object, click the square button to the right of the "Display Name" field and choose "Select Color...".

Since 4.1.1 changing the object color this way will also update the tab color of an active session. In the next minor release there will be an additional option to override the tab color on-demand via the "Tab" menu.

Hope that helps!



Thanks Felix!

I already tried that after spending so many hours as its NOT intuitive/straight forward. However, this doesn't change the color of tab as it just underlines with specific color you choose. When you say TAB Color, it must fill the particular color not just underline. if you dont have such feature then be specific what you mean by tab color. 


while filling the background of a tab with a specific color is surely something we could do, we decided against this approach because it makes it very hard to pick out the active tab amongst multiple open tabs.

If you'd like to see this changed in a future version of Royal TSX, please feel free to post a new feature request. If you do, please also include a mock up of what you think this should look like.



Opening a SSH Terminal created in Royal TS on Windows in Royal TS on Mac, the colors do not get mapped. Please re-visit the implementation, colors should be mapped through from Windows to Mac.

Hi Ben, works fine here. Are you sure you have enabled the preference to colorize tabs in Royal TSX? If so, do you see the color you selected in the properties of your terminal connection or is the color picker just black? Thx, Felix

Sorry I should have been more specific, the issue I'm seeing is the terminal colors not being mapped. I have Putty set as a default on Windows and iterm2 on the Mac. Eg: "Selection Text", "Cursor Background" "Selection Background". Also Royal TS should check if the same fonts are available between Windows and Mac and use them if available, if not it should use the default font.

I've worked out how to do what I wanted using overrides on the Mac. Cheers

Perfect! If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Cheers, Felix
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