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Screenshot from toolbar/touchbar


It would be great to take a screenshot by just clicking a button in the toolbar or touchbar. Right now it requires you to go down in to a submenu before being able to take a screenshot.

Thanks for considering this!

Hi Kristof,

since the main request has been implemented, I'm setting this to "Implemented".

If you have additional requests or want to see the implementation being altered somehow, please post a new feature request.



Hi Felix,

I sympathise wholeheartedly that you can't make everyone happy and that you need to make choices at certain points to keep the app from getting to bloated. Like I said, I'm already very happy with this implementation.

As for implementing variations of the same button: it's actually something that Apple does as well, as you can see in the screenshot below taken from Preview, where you have two different button sets for zooming. 


Regarding the drop down button and click-and-drag: I'm actually more likely to use the functionality from the touch bar, as I tend to keep remote windows maximised. But again, that's a personal thing, and every user is different.

TL;DR: my previous remark was splitting hairs and I'm very happy with the addition of the screenshot button .

Hi Kristof,

I was expecting this feedback. The problem with this approach is that users are different and we would probably need to implement separate buttons for all the various possible screenshot modes to please everyone.

We'll think about this but I think the current approach is a good compromise.

Also, are you aware that you can click the drop down button, drag to the menu item you want and then release the mouse? So actually only a single click-drag-release is required.



Hi Felix,

Yes, this is great. 

One small remark: it would be nice to have the screenshot button as a dropdown menu (as it is currently implemented in the beta) as well as a button that just takes the screenshot (ie eliminating having to click twice, which becomes cumbersome if you have to take many screenshots in a row). This remark goes for the Windows version as well, as the screenshot button is implemented as a dropdown button too. 

But it's just a detail this change is already a big help.


Hi Kristof,

good news! We just released a new beta version which includes this feature.

It's available here as usual:

Please let me know if this is what you're looking for.



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