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Command line support on MacOS


I've been reading the support documentation of Royal TS, and the Command Line documentation looks to be very Windows oriented.

I wanted to use the same Command Line options on MacOS, but it doesn't seem to work.

If it's not supported, will it be in the future?

I'm asking because I can't seem to be able to use the "URI" properly when it comes to RDP session.

When I use "open" in my Terminal with a quoted "rtsx://..." URI, each time I add a query string, the connection fails without error (it looks like it tries to connect but closes immediately). Without the appended query string (that I use to name my adhoc connection window), it works flawlessly.

Kind regards,


Hi Pascal,

unfortunately no.

Could you please describe your use case so that we know exactly what's missing from your point of view?



Hi Felix

Thanks for the quick reply.

You may have seen this post:

While this works like a charm, we are requested to authenticate our S2S VPN connection by going to a URL and entering specific credentials there, to actually make the connection work.

So my idea would have been to 

  • create a new web page connection in Royal TSX where my S2S connection credentials get filled in
  • Extend the VPN connect script to open the web page connection where the S2S connection gets confirmed

Hi Pascal,

so you would like to open a specific, existing connection in Royal TSX from a script, is that correct?

If so, you can already use AppleScript for that which can also be invoked from shell scripts using the "osascript" command. See this post on how to invoke it.

Does that help?



Hi Felix

Yes, that will absolutely work… Thank you!

Best regards, Pascal

@Pascal: Perfect, glad I could help!



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