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Shortcut for opening multiple sessions


would it be possible to implement something like a configurable shortcut, that opens multiple sessions with one klick?


For different monitoring-tasks I have to connect to different systems.

Now I'd like to have a shortcut "A" that automatically opens an ssh-session to CLIENT-A, a vnc-session to CLIENT-B and an rdp-session to CLIENT-C, and a shortcut "B" that opens vnc to CLIENT-C and ssh to CLIENT-D.

Best regards


Hi Arno,

I understand your use case. I hope we can find a way to help you with that in the future. In the meantime you could do something else to make your life easier:

You can connect to multiple connections in one step using the dashboard. The dashboard can also show all objects from subfolders (using the gear icon in the folder dashboard).

You could put some tags or identifier text in the description or one of the custom fields and use the dashboard to quickly filter the connections. Then simply select them all and hit connect.

Maybe this helps a bit.


Hi Stefan,

thank you for that hint, seems like it could help me for now.

BTW, could you please move this topic from Windows to the Mac-Thread as I'm using Royal TSX?

Hi Arno,

as Stefan previously mentioned, you can use the folder dashboard to select multiple connections and connect to them all at once. A short introduction to the folder dashboard is available here:

You can also connect all connection in a folder (with the option of including all subfolders as well).

And last but not least, we have an AppleScript scripting interface which also allows you to connect to pre-configured connections as well open ad hoc connections. More information is available here:

Hope that helps!



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