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WebPlugin with full HTML5 support like Chrome

I can`t use Royal TSX to manage vCenter and ESX today via html5 interface. Safari webplugin is not supported by VMware because lack of full html5 compatibility. For example, tasks are not displayed, blue screen instead of login prompt in esxi.

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Hi Wojciech,

I'm not sure what exactly you're missing. If it's the "Recent tasks" panel at the bottom of the web interface, I can't reproduce this. It shows up just fine for me.

Maybe you have somehow disabled it in your environment?



In pure ESXi the tasks are shown correct but in vCenter not. In ESXi and vCenter console doesnt work... I have to use VMware Fusion to connect to console. In vCenter I have to use "refresh button" after every operation because the changes doesn't appear (in example when I shutdown VM, the VM icon suggest that it is ON till I refresh screen)

In HPE iLO 5 interface you cant use html5 console too... :(

Hi Wojciech,

I just checked my iLO installation in my test lab and was also able to get the HTML5 console to work.

In my case the problem was SSL validation related.

Please try this:

  • Close the connection if it's open
  • Make sure you have "Advanced - Ignore invalid certificates" disabled in the properties of your web connection
  • Open the connection
  • If you're using a self-signed SSL certificate, you should get a OS-standard certificate prompt
  • Enable "Always trust HOST NAME" and click "Continue"
  • It's very important to select "Always trust" because the HTML5 console uses web sockets which require the certificate chain to be trusted and there's no separate prompt if you only select "Continue" without always trusting the certificate
  • Next, you'll be prompted for your Mac user's password
  • If the connection fails right after entering your password, just open it again and you should be able to use the web console from now on

Let me know if that helps!


Hi Wojciech,

additional testing showed that the same procedure helps with the vCenter console.

We've just updated our WebKit troubleshooting KB article with all the steps necessary to fix this issue.

Please read the "Issues with the modern WebKit engine" section of the KB article and let us know if the workaround works for you too.



We just updated the KB article again with some additional tips for troubleshooting.



Hi Felix, I've been using Royal TSX for some time and followed all your tips and steps trying to make the HTML5 console to work for Proxmox VE without success. 

Did you tried to reproduce the issue with Proxmox VE during your tests? I saw other comments around the same issue with Proxmox but I don't find any specific solutions.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Joao,

no, we did no tests with Proxmox.

Could you please try the suggestion to troubleshoot the issue using the Safari Developer console mentioned in this KB article.

Once you gather the console logs, please open a ticket to troubleshoot the issue with us.



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