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AWS Import Sync

I just found and really like the AWS import. It would however be nice if you can either import and overwrite or have a sync that runs regularly to import and remove servers. We auto scale often and it would be nice if Royal TSX kept somewhat up to date without having to delete the folder, recreate it and do a fresh import.

We're planning to have a AWS (EC2) management connection in the next major release which would allow for basic management actions like starting, stopping VMs and of course to connect to them.

This will work just like our VMware and Hyper-V management connections and provide a live view into the platform.

Awesome, thank will be a welcome and time saving benefit.

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Hello, this feature would be incredibly important to us - we manage a large number of instances over multiple accounts.

We would like to see the following if possible

- Support for IAM roles instead of access keys

- Support for defining the AWS account being imported

- Support for automatically creating folders based on platform, so we can easily assign credentials on a folder level to either RDP or SSH connections

- Visibility of ASGs and Launch Configurations

- Automatic import of AWS attributes like tags

Hi everyone,

we recently released the first round of public betas of Royal TSX V4. A new feature that's included are Dynamic Folders which allow you to run scripts which return data back to Royal TSX which is then parsed and imported as objects.

Documentation for that feature is available here:

We also have a sample script for AWS EC2 available in our toolbox Github repository:

While we're aware that a fully integrated AWS sync feature would of course be preferable, Dynamic Folders are available now and allow us to get a feel of what features our users really need.

Please let me know if that helps!



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