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Support for side-by-side and stacked tabs

It would be awesome to be able to split the window vertically (side by side) and horizontally (stacked).

Right click on the tab at the top and click split vertically or split horizontally.

Same feature request in the Windows idea portal:

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I meant... opening connections in a new window by default (instead of have it open up in tabs). I think I may have found the option on Royal TSX (window-mode in preferences). Thanks for the quick response!

Is there a place where people can upvote commonly requested features? Opening separate windows is a decent workaround, but managing multiple windows becomes a bit of a headache. 

The other interesting implementation I wanted to suggest was having a single tab with split screens. Another tab may have no split screen. And then, one can go back and forth between switching tabs - either to the split view or the full view. 

Use case:

1) Tab 1: Multiple terminal splits to access different servers

2) Tab 2: Full page view of GUI of a particular server (because GUI wouldn't work too well in a multi-split environment)

and so on....

I think we have this sort of implementation in iTerm on Mac though its not nearly as powerful as Royal TSX. 

Hi Tarun,

yes, window mode is the way to configure connections to open in external windows by default.

Regarding feature requests: Please post new ideas in this forum but in separate threads.

The one you're currently posting in has already been closed for quite some time so it makes sense to create new, individual posts for all your feature requests.



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