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Logging settings by platform

Currently, I flip between the macOS and Windows applications. Since you can only have one logging destination set per entry, logging always fails on the opposite platform because of the path differences.

I'd like to request an option to store a Windows and a Mac logging path. Whichever version of RoyalTS you're currently using, that path will be used.

Maybe the current text box would be treated as the "default" and then there would be a checkbox that says "Log Path by OS" and then it would reveal the Windows and macOS path fields.

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I'm running into something similar, since I switch between PCs that have different user profile names. While it doesn't solve Tim's problem switching between platforms, I wish I could use %userprofile% instead of an absolute path to work around this problem. For example, this works:


But this one doesn't:


The "Open in Explorer" button DOES work, though, so I was surprised to find that the log files just didn't get written. A silent failure.

Perhaps support for %sysvars% and relative paths would solve problems for both platforms?


one way you could handle this scenario is by using the Overrides feature:

This allows you to override one or more properties (such as logging path) for a certain connection type. The downside is, that it will only work if all connections are using the same base path.

Would that help in your case?


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