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Add Documents (External / Link or Upload)

It would be really nice to add documents to the connections (Folders) so that we can add documentation to client folders or maybe also to specific connections.

See the screenshots about how Remote Desktop Manager has done it.

This would be a really nice feature. Specially the upload to "Database / Document" So that the files are stored in the Document and can be opened on other locations.


Every time I have a random thought on a Royal TS features, I keep finding they are in flight with v4. Loving the Dynamic Folders. Great minds think alike! 

Building on Kay's ideas and what you've implemented with the Custom Props - Add File, it would be great if this attached document could be a default view alternate to the Dashboard. Or possibly just integrated to the Dashboard view. 

As I'm sure is common in complex use-cases, we have a large complex tree of defined connections with inherited credentials linking to a user specific document of credentials. It's not obvious to new users and sometimes forgotten for existing users. It would be great to be able to explain this to users of the shared connection file in an ever-present way. 

If I set Custom Props to be inherited as well, a click on any given node would display this content by default. 

It does raise one more questions, are inherited Custom Props additive if there are no conflicts? Or is it all or nothing? 



Hi Matt,

regarding your suggestion about having files show up in dashboards, would you mind creating a separate feature request since it's not really related to the original thread topic?

Regarding inherited custom properties: It's all or nothing. Currently there's not way to only inherit individual properties.



Hi Kay,

there's an experimental and hidden feature included in Royal TSX 4.0 which allows you to add files as custom properties. You can learn more about the major new features of this major release and find download links on our dedicated website.

To add a file, open the properties of any object, select the "Custom Properties" section, then, while holding option/alt click the "+" button and choose "Add File".

At the moment, we allow files of up to 5MB. The limit is there because any file included in a document this way will have to be fully loaded into memory when loading the document. Also, please understand that this is an experimental feature and we might change its behavior at any time or even remove the feature altogether.

Please let us know if this is useful for you and if you have any kind of feedback, please post it in this thread!



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