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Add Notes

It would be nice to have an add notes option.

We now have Tasks ;) but notes would be nice to keep extra info;

Such as: 


Or other notes ofcourse 

Hey Rapha! Glad that helped at least a little. Currently it's not possible to edit notes directly in the popup. If you want us to add that feature in a future version, I guess it's best to create a new feature request in this forum. Cheers, Felix

i just tried, and okay, that's one step in the right direction :) but i still am only able to edit any info/notes when the connection settings dialogue is open, so.. yeah. if this would be kind of a sticky note where you can just leave it open and add stuff like with markup or plaintext, then it would be nice. thanks for the quick answer tho! :)

@Rapha Have you tried dragging the popup to undock/float it? Does that work for you?

it's not ideal. a notes window should be per connection + docked off to the right side of the window. having it as a popup box that blocks interaction with the connection makes this feature next to useless, atleast for me personally.

Hi there,

we're happy to announce that the first beta of Royal TSX 5.0 is now available and includes a new object type: "Information".

Please let us know if that suits your use case!

You can get the beta here:



Hey Kay,

for the next major release we plan to add a new generic object type which will allow you to store just custom properties and notes.

"but they are not easy to open / view in a quick way": Yes they are! Just add the "Notes" item to your toolbar.




Maybe also add an Markdown / html / RTF etc. option for notes so they can be displayed in a nice way when opened.

Yes we can add notes to the connection, but they are not easy to open / view in a quick way.

So best option; if you click on a Note it will show like a connection ;) 

Forgot the Screenshots (Remote Desktop Manager has these options): 

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