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Nested Secure Gateways

Sometimes you have to hop through multiple devices to get on the end device you want to use. It would be nice to be able to make secure gateways dependent on each other just like you can do with SSH.

So to get on device C I first need to log in to device A, then device B and finally I get to C. If I could just say: Device C depends on secure gateway B and secure gateway B depends on secure gateway A then I could click on device C and RoyalTSX will tunnel through both A and B to C.


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Tomas, no, plugins are always bound to a specific Royal TSX version. So if you downgrade, you will simply have to re-install all your plugins. Cheers, Felix

Thank you, so I have new beta V5 installed, but can't found this new feature. Can you help me where to find it?

Hi Tomas,

if you open the properties of a Secure Gateway object, you will find a new section called "Dependent Gateway".

Here's a blog post that describes the feature in more detail:

While it was written with the Windows version in mind, the same concepts apply for Royal TSX.

Hope that helps!



That's amazing! I've just tried the new feature in TSX and works perfectly. You really made my life easier folks (no more complicated nested ProxyJump directives in SSH config files)



Awesome! Thx for the kind feedback, Victor!



For me it's working great too, so it's very helpful now :) Only small issue is when I try to test newly created nested gateway, because I'm getting error message that configured gateway is not available. But when I use this gateway, everything works fine. :)

Hi Tomas,

perfect, thx for letting us know!

Regarding the issue you're having: The "Test" button currently only does a simple port-check on the target host. You're in that it doesn't evaluate if a chain of tunnels is valid. If you'd like to see this extended to a more thorough testing technique, please file a new feature request.



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