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Nested Secure Gateways

Sometimes you have to hop through multiple devices to get on the end device you want to use. It would be nice to be able to make secure gateways dependent on each other just like you can do with SSH.

So to get on device C I first need to log in to device A, then device B and finally I get to C. If I could just say: Device C depends on secure gateway B and secure gateway B depends on secure gateway A then I could click on device C and RoyalTSX will tunnel through both A and B to C.


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Good Morning Klein, I solved this task using Royal TSX version2

Create new Terminal

Connection Type:  Custom Terminal

under Advanced column on the left

Custome Commands

ssh -A -t SERVER_1 ssh -t -A SERVER_2 ssh -A -t SERVER_3  ssh -t -A FINAL_SERVER

This can be easily completed if you exchange the ssh key between hops.

This works only on TSX version for Mac

Unfortunatly there's no this option on windows version


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Hi Davide, If you are using putty you can do this is windows add tunnels inside putty configuration, works like a charm.

But nested secure gateways would be perfect and make the software more amazing :-)


I'd really like to see this feature!

Is it a lot of effort to implement the nested secure gateway dependency?

This would also be great for the file transfer feature.

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Edit: Shall I open another idea for Windows? I'm just using Windows, but found the thread here via the search. Getting this implemented into the Windows client would be great.

I really want to see this feature in next version of Royal TSX, hope it will be implemented ASAP, because I'm migrating from MobaXTerm where it's nicely implemented already.

I'd really like to see this feature - some of my colleagues asked for it ;-)


any news for the feature? or maybe a workaround?

i have many cascaded devices/jumphosts in the network.


we just released a Royal TS V6 for Windows beta release where you can test this feature (Royal TSX will soon follow):


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that's great news Stefan! I'm on ARM MacOS, so i must wait for Royal TSX :) Have a nice day.

Hi Tomas,

a new Royal TSX V5 beta which has this feature on board has just been released.

You can get the beta here:

Please let us know if it works as expected for you.



Hi Felix,

thank you for information. I tryed this version, but it's maybe in early beta stage because I'm still ending with errors when I try change some properties on SSH servers.

Hi Tomas,

that looks like some of your plugins are not up to date.

Please ensure that all available plugin updates are installed.



OK, but will after updating this plugins my older 4.3.6 version working without issues? I want to stay with stable release until v5 will be in final stage.

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