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Terminal Colored Templates

Good day,

I've copied regex highlighting from SecureCRT to TSX, so sysntax highlughting is working fine for networking devices (especially Cisco).



Now I want to build some template for these troggers. Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to do it, as there's no option to add any new string here.


Does anyone know, where that file with Trigger Templates is located, so I do not enter eny new string everytime via GUI? I know, creating a Connection Template may be used as workaround, but for now, I want to create a Trigger Template, to make it possible to select different highlighting strings for different types of devices.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

While it is not possible to add/modify the templates, copying / pasting is enabled in the Trigger Table View. 

So in your case you can select a trigger, press CMD + C and paste again with CMD + V into another connection.

I hope this information helps!

Best regards,

Christoph Mühlberger

That did a trick, thanks.

Just a recommendation for future releases. Please add something for bulk editing/templating.

I use to manage 300+ different types of objects, and any new useful feature to be applied on each one manually, or using a direct .rtsz editing (which is not good as well).

Thanks a lot again. You do a really great job!



Hi Arif,

glad this worked for you.

If you need to change settings for multiple connections, I can use our "bulk-edit" feature, which is described here:

To make sure all future terminal connections have settings configured, please edit the Terminal Default Settings, found in the Navigation Panel under "Application - Default Settings - Terminal".

I hope this information helps!

 Best regards,


Thanks again,

In place of Default Settings, I used a Template connection.

If someone interested, attached is a tuned regex list highlighting syntax for all Cisco versions (IOS, XE, XR).

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