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Redirection Card Readers and USB controllers \ devices to RDP

 Hello team! I hope you are here and try to help us, your users!)

I have one small-big trouble with my card reader redirection to remote desktop via freerdp!

It is not visible by remote system and i need to use Parallels Desktop to redirect it to it, and after i can make rdp connection from parallels to remote system for use it.

It is possible to redirect directly from RTSx?

Hi! You can enable smart card redirection in the "Redirection" settings of your RDP connection within Royal TSX. If it works though, depends very much on the specific card reader hardware you have. Cheers, Felix

Hi Felix

Does not work with my device

It is Smart Card Reader wich uses for read RFID from special plastic cards

IAnd it works perfect when i redirect it from Virtual Machine

But from RTSx not work (redirection smart-card is checked)

If you open a support ticket and provide a debug log we might be able to help:

Cheers, Felix

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