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Pin each Task or Key Sequence or connection on Toolbar

Hello team!
It would be nice if we can pin any connection or task on toolbar panel!
For example i use some Key Sequence very often, and if it placed on Toolbar i can with one click activate it!


By drag and drop!

(61.5 KB)

I mean by drag and drop you can pin any element on toolbar!

And by one click you can activate it from toolbar, and by right click  you can change properties or rename pinned element only on toolbar, remove it etc...

Hi there,

in the current beta release ( we added a new toolbar item (it's called Chameleon) which allows you to set up a primary and secondary action when you click it.

Among other options, you can execute a key sequence task.

In case you need to be able to quickly access more than two different key sequences, you could look into our Apple Script interface.

For instance, here's a short script which executes a key sequence task called "My Key Sequence":

tell application "Royal TSX"
  execute "My Key Sequence"
end tell

Since Apple Scripts can be saved as bundles, you could put one or more of them in your Dock for quick access.

Does that help?



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Chameleon item is that what i need!!!

Can you fix that popup window when ask you for secondary task? Can we disable it?

I mean when you hold up alt key and click the royal notice you about secondary task.

And i think 2 tasks maybe not enough, yes it is minimize quantity of toolbar items on panel. But if we can  grow up quantity by add more modifier keys or holding alt with letters - Alt+A - Alt+B etc ?

Thank you for advice about Apple script!

Hi there,

there's currently no way to prevent the configuration window showing up if no configuration for the task to be executed exists.

That is actually not something I'd like to change as it implies to the user that configuration is needed before being able to trigger the action. So it's part of the "onboarding" process.

Regarding additional actions: Yes, that would be possible in a future update.



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Thats fine!

Thank you for support!

You're welcome!

If you actually want to see the additional actions being made available in a future update, please file a separate feature request.



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