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Add "scope" to INSERT pull-down?

A little background:  I was working with a two-tier authentication login for console access to our F5 appliances.   Connections were obtained by first connecting via SSH to the terminal server, and then providing credentials to log into the F5 appliance.  I attempted to accomplished this with a standard SSH connection with credentials assigned to it.  Then used a Key Sequence Task to hit return, enter username, return, password, return.. and viola .. dang did not work.  After a support ticket with the Royal Apps team, found that I needed to specify "scope" to the substitution variables.  Once I did that.. everything worked, but not before banging my head into my desk until it hurt!



In the INSERT menu, have a context driven submenu that provides "scope" to the inserted substitution variables.

Allow for context in the “Username” and “Password” fields,

Username  >  Task.Username ($this.EffectiveUsername$)
             Connection.Username ($EffectiveUsername$)

Password  >  Task.Password ($this.EffectivePassword$)
             Connection.Username ($EffectivePassword$)

..., etc,  for custom property and custom fields that are also affected by "scope".

If not this, then definitely add a "help" or (?) button that key sequence box that gives tips to scope, variables, etc..

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