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Feature Request: Add cursor color options from iTerm2

For the iTerm2 plugin, I suggest adding the cursor colors options from iTerm2 so it would be possible to choose another cursor color and enable cursor guide.

Hi Jonas,
that is actually already possible. It can be configured here:

If you need to change these settings for multiple connections, I suggest that you use our "bulk-edit" feature. To find out more about it, please refer to the following link:

To make sure all future terminal connections have these settings configured, please edit the Terminal Default Settings, found in the Navigation Panel under "Application - Default Settings - Terminal". I hope this helps! 

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You are so correct. If I could I would undo my post and forget that I ever posted it. :-)

But the cursor guide is not possible though.

When testing now, "Smart cursor color" have to be unchecked. What does it do?

(I do not seem to find any kind of full documentation for Royal TSX.)

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