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Adding external applications to TSX

Can external applications be added to TSX like it is for TS (

Hi Chris, no, external applications are not supported by Royal TSX. The reason is that macOS doesn't allow windows of other applications to be "re-parented" like on Windows. You can however use Command Tasks to launch external applications. To do so, create a new Command Task, enter "open" as the command and specify the path to the application in the arguments section. You can then double-click that object in the navigation panel to launch the specified application. Hope that helps! Cheers, Felix

Hello team, maybe it is possible to allow "re-parent" with disable system integrity protection on Mac? 

It will be an option for advanced users for example.. 

Or it is not possible ? only thoughts )

Hi there! No, we looked into this before SIP was even a thing. I'm sorry to say but as far as I know there's just no way to do this on macOS. Cheers, Felix

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