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Win+Space and option to permanently hide Dock and menubar in full screen mode

 Hello, I want to suggest a couple of useful features for RDP.

1) Layout switching by Command+Space (Win+Space) doesn't work. This is a standard hotkey in Windows for changing input languages, but instead of it, just the Win key is pressed. In general, hotkeys work strangely with Win, for example, Command+A and Command+V work, but Command+C, Command+F, Command+T don't work.

2) Please add a very useful option so that in full-screen RDP mode you can permanently hide the Dock and menubar. By default, they pop up and this is very annoying, for example, when you want to quickly close the window by moving the cursor to the cross in the upper right corner. This is perfectly implemented in Parallels Desktop - Full Screen Settings - Optimize full screen for games.

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