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Feature request - Always run a command task on a specified host connection.

Please could you add a feature to allow a command to be always run on a specified host no matter where the command was invoked from, allowing parameters from the invoked host to be passed into the command.

Example use case:
e.g.  ssh-copy-id is a command that needs to be run from a computer that stores both a public and private key. (normally your laptop or computer)

In order to passwordlessy login to a remote server you must from you laptop run the ssh-copy-id command to copy the public key up to your server.

So the ssh-copy-id always has to run on the computer you have your keys stored on.
But the new servers we add will change.

I would like to add a server in Royal TSX called NewRemoteServer10
Right click > run command > copy-ssh-id

the copy-ssh-id runs on MyLaptop with the parameters 
  copy-ssh-id <user>@NewRemoteServer10

I see it could work like this in the command task to have a dropdown called 
Run On:   <select server>

Then have a pass in token like.    $InovkedFromHostURI$. (the server you are calling this command from)

so then the command would like 
copy-ssh-id <user>@<NewRemoteServer10>  running on MyLaptop

thank you for your consideration

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Hi Alan,

currently, Command Tasks can only be executed within a connection, as shown here:

This way, tokens with values are resolved within the connection.

Alternatively, command tasks can be executed stand-alone, without any context.

Please let me know if this helps.

best regards,


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