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move from settings of one computer to another without closing the window

 i manage a long list of computers and i change the share/host names frequently.

already there is a great feature in the dashboard mode that lets me click on the folder and be able to change all - but that changes everything to the same thing. i make those changes often, like if they need to change a password - i do it for all. but when i need to rename each computer in an entire room of computers, i just need to change 1 thing for each connection.

so for now, i have to click on a connection property, make changes, then apply, it closes the window then i have to click on the next connection, then chose property and make the changes and repeat. and i have 3 matching addon types - terminal/transfer/vnc for each computer. so when i change the terminal connection names, i have to change the other 2 types of addons that go with them. so 50 changes turns into 150 changes that i have to edit in the window and then close and then have to click the next connection in the list and then properties and then change the 1 thing.

based on that same method of using the dashboard on a folder to change everything inside that folder, instead of selecting them all, just starting at the top (or where ever in the list) then - what i been thinking is if there were 2 extra buttons on the properties/settings window - a next button & previous button, that would greatly increase efficiency when going through long lists of computers that need individual changes. while in the properties window for computer 1, i would make my individual changes and then hit the next button. those changes would save and the window would move to computer 2 without having to close and lets say i was in the name box, i would still be highlighted in the same box when the properties move from computer 1 to 2 so i'm at the spot that i need to change and i quickly type the new name and continue down the list. there is not a lot of wasted motion in this method.

i would think the buttons that i'm requesting are really a "move to the next(or previous) connection and apply and close" because it would save the settings if you hit next or previous. discard would just discard the changes on this one connection and the apply and close button would still just apply and close to that connection and close the property/settings window.

i know this isn't that much of a big deal if someone is working with a few computers, but once you start getting close to 100 with multiple addons for each computer, the work to change things gets really time consuming. but even as is, this is the best app to do all this. it's just that i think it could get even faster at these longer lists of computer management.

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