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Reduce Interruptions from Disconnected Sessions

When a remote RDP server disconnects an idle session, RoyalTSX has behavior that brings that session's tab to the forefront with an alert dialog that the session was disconnected.  This is very interruptive.

I routinely actively work with a couple dozen active sessions, but many do go idle longer than our network's configured 30 minute timeout even though I still need them.  This results in me constantly being interrupted when I'm interacting with another remote session doing critical and time-sensitive tasks.

It would be wonderful to have a feature that either A) does not bring focus to the tab that just got disconnected, or B) that just lets the session window close silently.

Also, it would be great if a return key could be used to reconnect, rather than having to click the button.

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Hi Brett,

sorry for the delayed reply.

For point A) I've spoken to our lead dev, who will look into it.

Regarding point B), you can reconnect via the Space key, when the option 'Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls' is activated within the Keyboard preferences on your Mac.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,


Hi Brett,

we just added an option that will allow you to disable the default behavior of automatically switching to tabs that require attention (like disconnection prompts).

This will be available in the next beta update under "Preferences - Behavior - Automatically switch to tabs requiring attention".

Hope that helps!




the mentioned option has now been rolled out in Royal TSX 5.1.



Thanks Felix!  I didn't get a chance to try the beta, but I just installed 5.1 and told my team about their own versions.  Much appreciated, thank you!  Can't wait to not experience this.  ;-)

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