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RDP from a VMWare connection

It would be an awesome addition to be able to right click a VMware instance (from a VMware connection) and be able to RDP to it, you do get the option to launch the VMware remote console, but being able to link each instance to an RDP would be super helpful.

Hi Paul,

which version of Royal TS are you using? The latest V6 should have this on board.Note that the option is only available if the VM's OS full name starts with "microsoft".


Hi Stefan, 

I'm running Royal TSX 5.0.4, so the Mac version would that be why I don't see the option ?




I moved your post to the correct forum. My colleague will update this post shortly...


Hi Paul,

you'll find that option in the context menu of each running VM.

Depending on the OS, there should be options to connect using RDP, VNC or SSH.

Please see the attached screenshot for reference.

Hope that helps!



That's exactly what I don't see in my context menu, how do I enable it or why is it missing. Many thanks

ok operator error on my part, I see it when the vm is running, which makes sense. thanks

No worries, Paul! Glad you got it working. Cheers, Felix
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