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Setup for Eternal Terminal or MOSH?

Is there a way to set up RoyalTSX to work with (preferably) Eternal Terminal or (not the best, but ok) MOSH? I work in DevOps, and it would be a great integration to have.

I am very new to the software, and did a search for Eternal Terminal and RoyalTSX but have come up empty.

Basically, to use Eternal Terminal, you would connect with Eternal Terminal itself, replacing the ssh command with et (et name@siteaddress). It utilizes ssh to initiate the connection, but then does its own thing to keep the session alive between connection drops.

Thank you!

HI Scotia,

at the moment, the terminal plugin in use for Royal TSX, is based on iTerm2.

I moved your topic to the Royal TSX / Ideas forum.

This is where we centrally track all of our feature requests. Not only that, but this way you will also be informed if and when your feature is implemented. Furthermore, this will also give other users the chance to upvote and comment on your feature request. 

While we strive to consider all feature requests, please note that we can only implement a limited number of them. This decision will be based on popularity and/or feasibility.

best regards,


+1 for mosh

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