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Support ZSH for Dynamic Folders in macOS

Currently Royal TSX supports Dynamic Folders, but programs running will use the BASH profile for it.

The issue is that since Catalina ZSH is the default shell and not BASH. Because of this, on new installs there is no BASH profile. This might cause issues for programs running in a Dynamic Folder script.

For example: BitWarden CLI requires Node.JS, but running from Dynamic Folders, Node.JS can't be found. That is because the BASH PATH is empty, so the Node executable can't be found.

When running the Dynamic Folders script manually from the default macOS Terminal (ZSH), everything works without issue.

I'd suggest to support ZSH in macOS, at least in addition to BASH. So make it a choice whether to Evaluate to BASH or ZSH profile.

For now, a workaround is to create the ~/bash_profile file and set the PATH (and other profile settings) manually in it.

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Hi Wicky,

thanks for posting your feature request here.

As mentioned in the ticket, I forwarded your request to our dev team, and you will be notified, once the functionality is implemented.

Have a nice day!

best regards,


Hi Wicky,

I'm glad to report that starting with Royal TSX (beta) dynamic folder scripts will be executed in the system's default shell by default. The shell used to execute scripts can also be configured manually if required by going to "Preferences - Dynamic Folder - Common". Currently only Zsh and Bash are supported.

You can download the latest beta here:

Please let us know if it works as expected for you.



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 Thanks Felix, that's a nice surprise :) I'll test it and report back!

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