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File Transfer plugin - Rename Files


it is currently not possible to rename remote files with the File Transfer plugin.

However, I think this would be very useful not only for me.

I would appreciate it, if this could be implemented in a future release :-)


you posted this in the Royal Server forums. Can you please clarify which platform and version of Royal TS or Royal TSX you are using? Renaming remote files and folders should work on Windows and macOS. On Windows you need to use the context menu of a file/folder and on macOS you need to single click on the file/folder name to enter the edit mode.


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Hi Stefan,

thank you for your quick reply, I'm on macOS with Royal TSX v5.0.4. 

Unfortunately, the single-click to rename doesn't work. Your support team told me that this is not yet implemented and I should raise this forum post (ticket #55993).

Best regards,


Sorry, never mind - I might have been too fast to click on the file, it did work now.

But there isn't a right-click menu option yet, which would reduce some confusion eventually.

Best regards,


Hi Robin,

the next version of the file transfer plugin will include a context menu for renaming.



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