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Customizable Icons

 Version 5 changed all folder and connection icons to be the same flat colorless look, which makes it difficult to discern between them. Please add a feature to customize these per item.

Hi Steve,

you can already customize the icon of each and every object you create in Royal TSX. Just open the properties of any object and click the second button to the right of the "Display Name" text field.

If you're after re-enabling colorful default connection icons, that's something we're currently implementing and which will very likely be included in the next minor update.



Hi Felix -

I understand the current options, however the icons are just flat outlines, so the color doesn't have much visual impact. I have hundreds of connections, so will wait to see what the future brings. Thanks.


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Hi Steve,

a new beta version is now available which offers a new setting in "Preferences - User Interface - Navigation Panel - Show Colorful Connection Icons". This allows you to switch between multiple modes, including always showing colorful connection icons.

You can get the beta here:

Please let us know if it works as expected for you.



Awesome Felix - thank you! Major improvement to the UI (for me at least)

Glad we could help, Steve!



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