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Focus window after right or middle click

Iterm2 already supports that option when running standalone, it just needs to be exposed in the royal tsx plugin options.

(attaching screenshot of the standalone iterm2 option)

Really useful to start typing right after pasting.

I understand it may go against the OSX design guidelines, but it does not need to be enabled by default, it can be exposed (as it is in iterm2) as an option and end user decides if it works or not.

It is exposed as part of the configuration dictionary:



Thank you for your attention

Have a nice day, regards  -Jesus

Perfect! Glad we could help!




I just upgraded to the latest beta and found the feature in the plugin options.

It works! Beautifully! You have just improved my productivity 5x!

Royal TSX team, you are the best.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Hi Jesus,

A new beta version which includes this feature is now available.
Please let us know if it works as expected for you.



Hi Jesus,

good suggestion! We just implemented this and the feature will be available in the next V5 beta version.

You can get the current V5 beta (which doesn't yet include this feature) here:

Once the next app and iTerm plugin updates are available, please install them and let us know if the feature works as expected for you.



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