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Ability to use key data as a variable

We use RoytalTSX to initiate VPN connections utilising a task. When the connection is an IP address and user credentials, this is easy to implement. Some clients utilise open vpn which is a connection file with embedded key data ie .ovpn file.

We can embed files keys as private key files along with a passphrase which is needed to connect to the VPN, so the raw data is all held within RoyalTSX. However, the variable $CredentialKeyContent$ doesn't output the raw key data, but it looks like the encrypted data you are holding within RoyalTSX.

We would like the ability to use the actual key data in a variable. In this instance I would just use it in a task to write the key data to a temporary file which I can use later in the task.

echo $CredentialKeyContent$ > /tmp/tempfile

It would also be useful to be able to generate a temporary filename that can be used later in the command. ie..

echo $CredentialKeyContent$ > /tmp/$RandomFilename1$


# perform connection some how


rm /tmp/$RandomFilename1$

I think this would also be useful for other VPN clients like WireGuard, and probably other tasks where you just want to store some file data in the session manager in order to perform a task

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