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Show active Ad Hoc ("duplicate") connections to server X, right below the entry for server X in the navigation panel

As it is, the Ad Hoc connections are shows in a special folder all the way down in the navigation panel. 

Why this feature request?

When working with hundreds of servers you will probably group them by some characteristic. All servers for customer X or all servers for project Y, etc. The navigation panel is very important in that case to create some order in the chaos, and it is doing a great job with custom colors and icons. No complains here.

But when I open a second console for the same server by double clicking (again) on the server name you loose your current position in the navigation panel and end up all the way down in the Ad Hoc folder.  Now I'm lost and need to lookup the folder of the servers I was working on. That's a shame. 

I would very much like an option to show the active Ad Hoc connection right below the "normal" non-Ad Hoc connection. I did put that servername in that specific group for a reason, so please show all connections to this server in this same context.

Kind regards and thank you for a great product.

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