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Overview feature

 would like the ability to toggle on and off viewing the different connections in the overview tab. i don't need to see the terminal sessions if i'm in a different tab, using the terminal sessions. but i would like to see the vnc sessions of those computers i'm sending commands to.

other organizational functions would be very helpful as well - sort by name or address or other configuration.

if there were a group function, that would be awesome. if i was managing computers in room 1 and room 2, i could group them that way and with the additions of some of the things above, be able to just look at the vnc connections and hide the terminal connections. then i could send broadcast commands in the terminal tabs just to the computers in room 1 and see just the computers in room 1 as vnc sessions in the overview.

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It's not currently possible to sort the connections in the overview tab but you can filter them using the main search field.
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